1. Do you accept article submissions?

Yes, We are currently accepting submissions for guest articles. Please call us and shoot us an email. We like to meet and talk with you first in person or online.

2. Is this a Christian Life style blog?

Although Matesat encourages men and women to live moral, ethical, and virtuous lives, Matesat is not a pure Christian blog that overwhelms you with things that you do not even understand. There is a void on the internet for lifestyle websites that talk about having principles but do so in a secular manner. Matesat.com hopes to fill that void by sharing the values and lifestyle offered from the Gospel and welcomes all readers of any creed or faith, or of no faith at all.


3. I have a specific style/dressing and other lifestyle question. Can you help me with it?

I, unfortunately, don’t have time to answer specific style/dressing questions that you may have. I highly recommend going through all of our dressing and grooming categories.

4. Can I interview the owner for a podcast/blog post/etc?

My schedule currently doesn’t permit me to do interviews and podcasts but feel free to shoot me an email.

5. Why am I getting notifications from you on my computer/phone? Make it stop!

You may have accidentally opted-in to our push notification service that sends a notification to your phone or desktop browser. Since you opted in via your own browser, we can’t make them stop on our end. You’ll have to opt-out by sending us a request email at contact@matesat.com