Emphasized on exercises that developed strength, muscular endurance, anaerobic and aerobic capacity, agility, and coordination, as well as the attainment of “proficiency which are essential to personal safety and effective combat performance in real scenarios of your prospective engagement.

Running — Distance and sprint running on road and cross country.

Jumping — Broad jumping and vertical jumping down from a height.

Dodging — Change of body direction rapidly while running.

Climbing and traversing — Vertical climbing of rope, poles, walls, and cargo nets. Traversing horizontal objects such as ropes, pipes, and ladders.

Crawling — High crawl and low crawl for speed and stealth.

Throwing — Propelling objects such as grenades for distance and accuracy.

Vaulting — Surmounting low objects such as fences and barriers by use of hand assists.

Carrying — Carrying objects and employment of man carries.

Balancing — Maintaining proper body balance on narrow walkways and at heights above normal.

Falling — Contact with the ground from standing, running, and jumping postures.

Swimming (in specialized situations) — Employment of water survival techniques.”