1. Putting on a skirt, you will immediately notice how your posture, thoughts, and mannerisms change. It would seem not such a big change on the outside, but such a huge shift on the inside for how you feel about yourself. Just different clothes, but the sensations and your self-esteem are very different for you.

2. In a skirt it is much easier to give up men’s affairs. You slowly stop comparing yourself with what men can do and your feeling about others men’s success. Lugging heavy bags from the store in a long pencil skirt is at least inconvenient but most likely, a gentleman may come to help you.

3. Having put on a skirt, you are immediately motivated to take care of your health and your appearance more often. For example, you will groom your hair and your overall appearance properly more often.  It may take more time and energy to spend before you leave the house. But it’s worth it and it is a good motivational factor. 

4. You will notice how people admire you on the streets especially when you go out with your children.

5. You feel more like a true female. How you feel about yourself will help your hormonal background. Thus, your Women’s days pass less painfully.

6. Your husband gives you flowers and presents much more often.  Of course, this has to combine with how you learned to ask, inspire and appreciate?

7. You and your husband can have a more satisfying sexual experience even when age numbers got higher.

Skirts are not just beautiful and feminine. Skirts and dresses are also the clothing that protects a woman’s physical and mental health.

Women these days mostly wear jeans. Tight, dense, which tightens our body very strongly, especially in the abdomen. Most often, girls also try to look slimmer, buying jeans for themselves one size smaller, squeezing their stomach even more. But the stomach is the basis of women’s health. All the most important is in it!

Modern girls begin to wear skinny jeans very early, thereby deforming their pelvis, artificially narrowing it. Any doctor observing women in antenatal clinics will confirm this to you. There is even a term for such a “denim basin”.

Women’s health is not limited to freedom in the abdominal area and normal development of the pelvis. For women’s health, it is necessary to produce more female hormones (estrogen) and less male hormones ( testosterone).

The hormone estrogens are produced by the female reproductive organs ( mainly around the lower part of her abdomen) and make a woman a woman. They create round shapes that attract men. And, importantly, they contribute to the conception and bearing of children. In addition, they also influence character, making a woman compliant, soft, and more feminine.

As Olga Valyaeva, a female coach and writer wrote: “Estrogens make us beautiful – after all, it is they that accelerate the renewal of body cells, preserve youthful skin, shine, and splendor of hair. So, just in skirts, we have more chances to build our life more harmoniously.”

As, for example, during a period or in pregnancy, it is terribly uncomfortable to wear tight jeans trousers that squeeze a baby and your inner thigh. It is much more pleasant and beautiful to be in a skirt and you feel a lot better and more appreciative of your pain. 

Our clothes determine what we do and how. Clothing imposes its own restrictions, and now in a dress, it is uncomfortable for us to climb over the fence, sit like a flame buoyant man and wield a hammer.

So for those who are not wearing tight trousers, the testosterone level gradually decreases. By itself, paving the way for our female friends – estrogen and oxytocin.

Skirts and dresses are a must for every woman. There should be a lot of them – different shapes and different colors. Skirts will make you feel better and it is infinitely feminine, even if you feel like you are less of a curvy type.

Use your feminine energy for the benefit of yourself and your loved ones: put on a skirt or dress right now and get used to feeling like a true woman.

When looking at modern women, it becomes obvious: skirts and dresses have practically disappeared from the women’s wardrobe. And if a skirt flashes on the horizon, it will surely belong to a very little girl or, conversely, to a grandmother. There are also mini-on young girls who seek to attract as many admiring glances as possible. The skirt and dress have become out of fashion clothing, portrayed as uncomfortable, and even out of fashion to some extent. Still, some of us sometimes have questions: “Why should women wear skirts? What is so special about them? Why did only men wear trousers before? ” Of course, a woman does not owe anything to anyone, and the decision of what to wear is a deeply personal matter for everyone. But it would be nice to remember the origins. Moreover, beauty, morality, wellness of her man, and her happiness are things directly related to her appearance, and in particular, her outfit.